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6th-Dec-2009 04:41 pm(no subject)
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
My graphics and fanfiction have now moved back to [info]audiopineapple
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Title: No Regrets (chapter 1)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Reid/Elle
Season Setting: Season Two (somewhere between 'Revelations' and 'Jones')
Rating: PG
Word Count: 938
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show.

Comments are adored :)

No Regrets
The StoryCollapse )

Merlin: Merlin (begin)
I have finally finished my iepisode claim for Criminal Minds (with a small extension *ninja* ) so here are 129 icons; 69 for season two and 60 for season three (three icons per episode.)


[x] Comments are love
[x] Credit is a must
[x] Do not hotlink


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Season Three

3x01 Doubt


3x02 In Name and Blood


3x03 Scared to Death


3x04 Children of the Dark


3x05 Seven Seconds


3x06 About Face


3x07 Identity


3x08 Lucky


3x09 Penelope


3x10 True Night


3x11 Birthright


3x12 3rd Life


3x13 Limelight


3x14 Damaged


3x15 A Higher Power


3x16 Elephant's Memory


3x17 In Heat


3x18 The Crossing


3x19 Tabula Rasa


3x20 Lo-Fi

18th-Oct-2009 11:28 pm - Morgan Mood Theme
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
A requested Morgan Mood Theme (seasons 1 through 3) for  ruzila ; I am so beyond sorry about how late it is and I hope you like it!


[x] Please comment (esspecially if you tell me which moods you like best)
[x] If you use, you must credit me
[x] Click here for some instructions on how to upload a mood theme (make sure to change the size of the moods to 100x50)

See the full preview here
| Download here

There are also Spencer and Hotch mood themes around this comm and I'd be more than happy to make other ones (including some that aren't CM if I watch the show) so if there is anything you'd like, please ask :)

7th-Sep-2009 05:58 pm(no subject)
Merlin: Merlin (begin)

I'm at team Garcia, there is also Team Reid, Team JJ and Team Morgan you can pick from :)
31st-Aug-2009 11:45 pm - 100 Dean Icons
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
This post will eventually contain 100 Dean icons for tvcharacters100 (has icons up to the first half of season four)

[x] Comments are love
[x] Credit is a must if you're taking


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15th-Aug-2009 10:39 pm(no subject)
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Well, eventually there will be 100 icons - for my claim aticons100 


[x] If you take, you must credit, eitheraudiopineapple orroutinedaydream (and not hotlink)
[x] Comments are love
[x] If you like what you see, feel free to friend this journal

If you're interested in Boone you might like to check outians_stils - a general Ian icontest which needs makers and voters


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8th-Aug-2009 01:59 pm - Hotch Mood Theme
Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Here is my second mood theme (following on from the Reid one.) [info]susie564 requested a Hotch one and so here it is :) (sorry it took so long, he doesn't show emotion that often so the pics were a lot harder to find.) Only seasons 1-3 again as there ain't season 4 dvds. A fair few contain Haley and there are some other characters in there as well but it's mainly just Hotch.

Full Preview is here

[x] Credit is a must (either audiopineapple or routinedaydream)
[x] Comments are loved, esspecially if you have a favourite mood so I know what works lol

Download from box.net here
Learn how to install a mood theme here (remember to change the size of the moods to 100 x 50)

Merlin: Merlin (begin)
Finally got through the first season of CM for iepisode , where you make three icons per episode. An embarrassingly large proportion are Reid ones and Garcia ones but there are some of every character. They are underneath the cut...

[x] If you are taking, credit either audiopineapple or routinedaydream
[x] Don't hotlink
[x] Comments are love :)


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14th-Dec-2009 08:25 am(no subject)
Merlin: Merlin (begin)

Hello if you're reading this sticky. I am putting it up incase anyone who likes Criminal Minds / Smallville sees this and likes to make and/or vote on icons, in which case I put your attention to...

(Criminal Minds episode by episode icontest)

(Smallville episode by episode icontest)
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