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Tutorial 01: Shawn Farrell / No Exit

I was playing about, making my i_character challenge graphics and ended up with this colouring, which I rather liked and hopefully other people will as well so I've written a tutorial...

- Made in PSP X
- Easy (eight steps)
- Almost certainly translatable (but I'm not too sure)

Going from:

Photobucket to Photobucket or Photobucket

Step One:

Crop your base; for mine I've an image of Shawn Farrell from The 4400 episode 'No Exit' (screencap found here)

Step Two:

I wanted to lighten my icon so I added a New Raster layer, filled it with #f2f7e1 and set it to Soft Light 100%

Step Three:

Brightening the image made it lose a lot of it's colour so I added some back in by duplicating the Raster layer in step two and setting it to Burn 100%

Step Four:

I'm quite liking green and yellow tones on my icons at the moment (must be part of coming from Norwich :p) so I added a New Raster Layer and filled it with the colour #19660a, setting it to Overlay but only to 26% so to not overpower the image

To get the second option in the preview, miss this step out!

Step Five:

The icon was looking rather dull so I added a Brightness/Contrast Layer with the settings of Brightness 13 / Contrast 21

Step Six

I wanted to make the icon look slightly more grungy to fit with the scene in the episode so added a Colour Balance Layer and altered Midtones: 0, 0, -40 leaving Preserve Luminance checked.

Step Seven


The skin was looking an odd shade so I added a Hue/Saturation Layer, lowering the Saturation to -21

Step Eight


I used an ordinary square brush in #ffffff with a size of 16 and painted it on a Raster Layer, leaving a gap betwen the two areas and then wrote the partial word 'trappe' in the font Engravers MT and pulled it about until it fitted into the white box and then did the same with the letter 'd.'

And that's it! If you have followed this I'd love to see what you've come up with!
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